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How Can You Decorate Your Kitchen Counters With Quartz?

Posted by Admin on May, 24, 2023

Are you wondering what would look good on your kitchen counter? Well, it is a mixture of the correct elements. Whether decorative or handy, the kitchen counter adds a personality to the space. The kitchen is the gathering place for all during mealtime. So, it needs to be a little lively.

Make a Collection

You can add quartz slabs from the quartz slab exporter to the countertop. Add your collection of culinary items like cutting boards, cookbooks or plates against the slabs and on the shelves. You can also keep the wooden spoons and ladles hanging from the wall. It creates an exciting contrast while stopping the countertops from being cluttered.

Have External Shelving

Creating a shelving design and making a kitchen countertop creates more space for one to keep the essentials. It creates a neat, tiered effect. One can treat the countertop like an additional shelf.

The shelf and countertop mixture creates an eclectic and eye-catching focal point in the kitchen. One can store practical accessories as well as decorative items in this space.

Decide on a Colour Palette

While decorating, you must ensure not to go overboard. Keep the primary palette to two or three colours if you have a small kitchen. If the countertop looks monochromatic, they will stop the space from looking clumsy and claustrophobic. Group the same colours together. Add a splash of secondary colour to it.

Keeps the Aesthetic Minimal

Keeping the palette on the countertop varied adds visual interest to it and warms up the whole colour scheme of the kitchen. Keep the other details minimal when you get d├ęcor for your quartz slab exporter countertop. It keeps the attention where you want it to be when someone enters the kitchen. Accordingly, decorate it.

You can add decorative trays to the countertop to add a flare. The objects and the accessories on the trays are a stylish and practical way to decorate the space. The countertop is also a great space to decorate with vases, coasters, and small kitchen appliances.

Leave a small space for food prep and the kitchen cutting board. Also, if you keep a tray for the essentials, you can move it around the kitchen depending on the part you work on.

Give Priority to the Essentials

Certain things always belong on the kitchen counters among the plethora of kitchen items. So, figure out where they will go and then figure out the rest of the space. It is the best way to figure out how to make your kitchen into a personalised yet comfy and unique space. Having all the essentials at the places you need them makes the work around the kitchen a lot easier and better.

Add Colourful Accents

Adding colourful accents to the kitchen creates beautiful landscapes and contrast. When you decorate your kitchen with accessories in contrasting colours, it changes the look of the room. It lifts the entire design and scheme of the kitchen. Adding a fruit bowl or a wooden chopping board creates a great contrast and enhances the whole colour scheme.

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